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Скачать Би Тройник Филип и Каин - Bi-Triple Philip & Cain
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Постер фильма Би Тройник Филип и Каин - Bi-Triple Philip & Cain
Би Тройник Филип и Каин - Bi-Triple Philip & Cain
Фото фильма Би Тройник Филип и Каин - Bi-Triple Philip & Cain
Би Тройник Филип и Каин - Bi-Triple Philip & Cain


Philip is a lucky guy – for his first bisexual experience, he gets not only another round with Delila, but he’s getting Cain in the bargain to boot!

With two hot studs on either side of her in bed, Delila jokes that she needs one more guy in front and one more in back of her as well. She should be careful what she wishes for – we can probably accommodate that!

Cain kisses her and gets his shirt off. As she helps Philip off with his pants, Cain and Philip kiss deeply. After getting naked, the threesome head into some serious oral action. Cain eats Delila out, as she sucks Philip off.

Philip sucks Cain’s big dick, and then they trade off to start a daisy chain – Cain sucking Philip, Philip eating out Delila, Delila sucking Cain. Philip buries his head between her thighs as she strokes and swallows Cain’s big cock.

Once everyone is good and wet, Philip fucks Delila while she blows Cain. Cain’s pretty intuitive about what his partners like. He tells Philip to fuck her good, then “Fuck her harder.” Philip fucks her faster and she groans in pleasure.

Cain stands up so Philip can suck him while he pounds away at her. Then she rides him, kissing Cain as he feeds Philip his thick dick. Cain plays with her breasts, then Philip takes his turn at blowing Cain.

For someone as big and muscular as Cain, it’s surprising he’s so fast. But every time he fucks, those massive legs and ass fire into overdrive and he jackhammers away at any hole in his path! He fucks Delila so furiously, she can barely keep Philip’s dick in her mouth.

Cain shows her how to multitask. He fucks her just as hard as before, while still taking Philip’s dick in his mouth. There’s no doubt in my mind if anyone can please two people at once, it’s Cain! His muscled ass tightens as he drills her. And that gives Philip an idea.

As Cain lays down on top of Delila, thrusting deeper into her, Philip takes the initiative and slides his dick into Cain’s tight ass. Now Cain and Delila are both groaning with pleasure! “It feel so good inside,” Cain moans as Philip fucks him. Guess two can play at multitasking!

Cain gets sandwiched between Philip and Delila. Cain fingers and fucks her as Philip pounds him. But its not long before that intense prostate massage forces Cain’s load to rocket out of him! He hoses down Delila’s stomach with his cum. That causes Philip to shoots creamy cum all over Cain’s ass.
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Скачать Би Тройник Филип и Каин - Bi-Triple Philip & Cain


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теперь будем знать кто гомик на сайте

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кошмар..пидары.!!! :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit:

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Пидары прорвались!!!! Пробку в жопу и пендля!!!!!

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Бля, нахуя ПИДОТУ заливать????

button_offline Отзыв от Lerry
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ЕБАТЬ, ДА ТУТ ЕЩЁ И 10 РАЗДАЮЩИХ!!!!!  :-D :-D :-D  Хер вам в сраку, пидары!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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пидары суки срани !!!!!!! :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit: :shit:

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аффтор блять хватит выкладывать эту хуйню! :shit: :shit: :shit:


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