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Скачать Бразильские сёстры 2 - Real Brazilian Sisters 2
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Бразильские сёстры 2 - Real Brazilian Sisters 2
Фото фильма Бразильские сёстры 2 - Real Brazilian Sisters 2
Бразильские сёстры 2 - Real Brazilian Sisters 2


Real Brazilian Sisters is back at it again in even HOTTER three way action in volume #2! Now I must admit the first one seemed hard to beat, but this volume here, well it put the glaze on the cake.  Let me just tell you this…

these Brazilian girls really look like sisters!  All coco skin, phat asses, and hungry for some black dong! I just have to ask one thing…where was Jamaica in all this Phat Bootiness!!?? Well it just so happened that he was hookin up the homies with all Brazilian sisters to have a romp fest on his compounds.

This DVD was bananas to say the least though…talk about kinky, you got it here! Linda and Marcellinha Moraes sisters fuckin with the crazy man and oops…did I see Jamaica in this one?  Yeah hot scene with two juicy newcummers wearing their petite lingerie giving us a show.  Linda was the younger sister and she was off the meter!  Not the thickest thing, but fuck she was fine as hell!  Then we had the crazy man take on two sisters who were Camily and Yasmin Viana.  Now this scene was introduced by Jamaica giving his true to life girlfriend and her sister up for some sex.  These two girls were fighting over the dick in Brazilian lingua…and they both did anal! Hot scene.

Next up was The Rock…he had his turn with the Brazilian sis’s Julyanna (oh what a yummy bitch she is) and Patricia (….another yummy bitch…shit they are sisters what do you expect!?!!). Now Mark introduced them to him as sisters, and Rock had that expression like; “I cannot believe I two sisters in their things rubbing their asses on me!” But it only took a few minutes before it all went down! While Rock was drillin one doggy style…he was suckin titties on the other…then switchin off back and forth.  Wait till you see the finale.  Talk about some hot POV shit here!

Then we had Jamaica, Rock breakin off Bianca and Ariana.  Wow..I mean I loved this scene here.  These two sisters were mega thick…and MEGA KINKY!! Almost borderline with the sisters touching and feeling.  All good though this is a fantasy movie so let it be! They had a double tag team switch off while Bianca did one, Adriana did the other, then switched off…but BOTH took nut on their face equally. Doggy style and cowgirl was heated.  It was like watching a mini Brazilian Orgy World movie…and you know how we all love those Brazilian Orgies!

Overall the DVD was banging, hot sex, TABOO scenes, and great BTS content as well.  You will get your rocks off in this one guaranteed.
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Скачать Бразильские сёстры 2 - Real Brazilian Sisters 2
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