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Скачать Падший Ангел - Fallen (2008) BDRip 720p
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Постер фильма Падший Ангел - Fallen (2008) BDRip 720p
Падший Ангел - Fallen (2008) BDRip 720p
Фото фильма Падший Ангел - Fallen (2008) BDRip 720p
Падший Ангел - Fallen (2008) BDRip 720p


Информация о фильме
Название: Падший Ангел
Оригинальное название: Fallen
Год выхода: 2008
Жанр: Feature, Straight, Big Budget
Режиссер: Брэд Армстронг
В ролях: Джесика Дрэйк, Дженна Хэйз, Брэд Армстронг, Рэнди Спирс, Энджи Сэвадж, Шайла Стайлз, Дженнифер Дарк, Хершел Сэвадж, Нико, Маркус Лондон

О фильме: An erotic masterpiece comes to life as award winning director Brad Armstrong tells the tale of, Angel, a fallen Gregorian Angel who has been banished to earth and stripped of her wings after the accidental death of the young woman she was sent to watch over. Alone and desperate for companionship, she finds it in the city's seedy underworld, far from the idyllic heavens she once knew. Follow Angel on her dark journey through some of the most sinful and perverse places this world has to offer. As she continues her fall into darkness, she discovers a glimmer of light in Keith, a handsome mortal that she is inexplicitly drawn to. As Keith helps guide her back towards the light, a secret from the past comes back to haunt the duo, threatening to tear them apart. Can Angel regain her wings and soar once again? Or has she fallen for the last time, doomed to live out her days trapped in the purgatory she now calls home.

Продолжительность: 02:46:31
Перевод: Оригинал
Субтитры: Отсутствуют

Формат: MKV
Качество: BDRip (720p)
Видео: 1280x720, 2179 Кбит/сек, 23,976 кадр/сек, AVC, x264, 16:9, 0.096 Бит/(Пиксели*Кадры)
Звук: AC-3, 384 Кбит/сек, 6 канала(ов), 48,0 КГц
Размер2.98 GB (3,197,184,062 байт)
Скачать Падший Ангел - Fallen (2008) BDRip 720p

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