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Скачать 18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие 18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
КатегорияАнал / Молодые / Анал
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Постер фильма 18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
Фото фильма 18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting


Studio: Studio 69
Duration: 145 mins
Anal, One On One, Toys, 18+ Teen, Facial Cumshot, Latina, Threesome, Creampie, Swallow, Brunette, Blonde, Internal Cumshot

Cast: Lily, Ashli Orion, Lexi Diamond, Tessa Taylor, Tina Evil
18 And Waiting is a brand new series brought to you by the good folks at Studio 69 and they hit it out of the park with these fresh teens who have just turned 18 and are ready to be licked, fingered and fucked so, get out your little friend and cum on in, to plunge him into their tight little cock sockets before they're so stretched out of shape, you can fist her with both hands and clap!

Cast : Lexi Diamond
Genres : One On One, 18+ Teen, Facial Cumshot, Swallow, Brunette

Lexi Diamond sits in her kitchen, listening to her dad's best friend whose been trying to get into her panties for months but now that she's 18, she gives him a shot and sucks his dick, before he rams it into her tight box, screwing her in several different positions before his throbbing dick signals him to pill out and squirt his facial cumshot into her mouth!

http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/1/thumbs3/940335.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/1/thumbs3/940336.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/1/thumbs3/940337.jpg  
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/1/thumbs3/940338.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/1/thumbs3/940339.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/1/thumbs3/940340.jpg

Cast : Lily
Genres : Anal, One On One, 18+ Teen, Latina, Creampie, Swallow, Brunette, Internal Cumshot
Lily is so happy because last night she had her 18th birthday party and is now legal to have sex with her 21 year old boyfriend. Watch how happy she is to give his big dick a blowjob, until she lays back and lets him slip it into her pussy and asshole, alternating back and forth, before this brunette teen finally feels a creampie, loading up her rectum.
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/2/thumbs3/940341.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/2/thumbs3/940342.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/2/thumbs3/940343.jpg  
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/2/thumbs3/940344.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/2/thumbs3/940345.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/2/thumbs3/940346.jpg

Cast : Ashli Orion
Genres : 18+ Teen, Facial Cumshot, Threesome, Swallow, Brunette
Ashli Orion has been having sex with her boyfriend for a long time but now that she's turned 18 years old, he wants to bring his buddy in and try having a hardcore, MMF threesome. After agreeing, she gives him a blowjob and lets his friend fuck her from behind, until they switch ends and after a shot time, they get so aroused she gets a double facial.
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/3/thumbs3/940347.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/3/thumbs3/940348.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/3/thumbs3/940349.jpg  
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/3/thumbs3/940350.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/3/thumbs3/940351.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/3/thumbs3/940352.jpg

Cast : Tina Evil
Genres : Anal, One On One, 18+ Teen, Creampie, Swallow, Brunette, Internal Cumshot
Tina Evil sits at her laptop blogging to all her friends about being 18 years old and one guy offers to come over and fuck her, to celebrate her birthday. Next, you'll see her spreading open her booty, allowing him to pick a cock socket to screw and after stabbing her tight pussy, he goes for her asshole and that gets him so aroused he cums in her mouth
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/4/thumbs3/940353.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/4/thumbs3/940354.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/4/thumbs3/940355.jpg  
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/4/thumbs3/940356.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/4/thumbs3/940357.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/4/thumbs3/940358.jpg

Cast : Tessa Taylor
Genres : Anal, One On One, Toys, 18+ Teen, Creampie, Swallow, Blonde, Internal Cumshot
Tessa Taylor is a gorgeous blonde, who has an incredible body, from her huge 18 year old knockers, to her perfectly round, jiggly bubble butt, hat you'll get to see after her boyfriend gets finished sucking her nipples. Soon, she's bent over, taking his rod from behind, before he tells her to get on top and do all the pumping, until he gives her a creampie.
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/5/thumbs3/940359.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/5/thumbs3/940360.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/5/thumbs3/940361.jpg  
http://ss1.videosz.com/15539/movie/5/thumbs3/940362.jpg http://ss2.videosz.com/15539/movie/5/thumbs3/940363.jpg http://ss3.videosz.com/15539/movie/5/thumbs3/940364.jpg

Размер6.00 GB (6,440,824,140 байт)
Скачать 18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие 18 и ожидания - 18 And Waiting
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куда так много гигов ??????

button_offline Отзыв от mr.filini
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эффект 3д по любому)

button_offline Отзыв от Devilishangl
avatar 245849

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: 18+

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:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:


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