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Скачать Alice , Алиса (2010) DVDRip - Bluebird Films
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Постер фильма Alice , Алиса (2010) DVDRip - Bluebird Films
Alice  ,  Алиса (2010) DVDRip - Bluebird Films



Оригинальное название: Alice
Название: Алиса
Год выхода: 2010
Страна: UK
Выпущено: Bluebird Films
Режиссёр: Paul Chaplin
Жанр: Feature, Parody, All Sex
Язык: Original
В ролях: Barbora Brill, Cindy Behr, Cory Everson, Jodie James, Kat&Kit Lee, Michelle Thorne, Renee Richards, Stacey Saran



Bluebird Films has released an Alice In Wonderland XXX porn parody entitled Alice: A Fairy Love Tale in which the lovely Stacey Saran plays Alice. Director Paul Chaplin invites you to look through the looking glass to find Alice - a tormented and housebound girl that dreams of escaping her surroundings. Lucky for her, she is transported to a strange land where she meets a set of none-too-bright twins (Kit and Kate Lee), talking cards, a white rabbit and an angry queen. Each encounter provides her with a new sexual understanding, and many new experiences. This sleazy flick is a naughty interpretation of the Alice story, complete with wonderful and goofy costumes and hot British accents with artistic ambition, beautiful women and high production values!


Формат: AVI
Качество: VOD
Video: XviD 576x324 23.97fps 900Kbps
Audio: MPEG layer 44.1Khz  stereo 96Kb/s
Размер695.50 MB (729,288,704 байт)
Скачать Alice , Алиса (2010) DVDRip - Bluebird Films


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совсем не плохо для костюмированной фильмы..


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