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Artifical Girl 2 Mega Package
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Artifical Girl 2 Mega Package


Oki, you're in for the vacation of a lifetime.
You'll have the chance to select exactly the girl you want as company and you'll have an entire deserted island to explore at will.
Complete with a beautiful beach, an old castle, wonderful hotsprings and who knows what you'll find.

On a less romantic note, it's not really a vacation, it's not really even a game.

It's all about what fun things you can figure out to do with an artificial girl.
So it's more like "where do you want to fly today?", except that you're not flying.

Starting SEX

  To engage in sex just press "D" while near her.

  Pressing "D" from behind will do Doggy style;
  Pressing "D" in front will do missionary.

  Other positions are achieved through engaging
  in sex near objects. (i.e.-desks, trees, etc.)

Having SEX

  Foreplay - rubbing every part of her body until
    she moves. Doing this in 2 or more positions
    will make her ready to cum.

  Cumming (Female) - Using foreplay in multiple
    positions will eventually make the girl do
    another animation for the usual foreplay.
    At this point she will cum if you are in
    intercourse position and you continue to fore-
    play with her.

  Cumming (Male) - The top left icon determines if
    the male character is about to cum. The man can
    only cum while having sex or being given a blow-
    job or other "?" position.
   Continue to use the Mushroom icon or the "Z" key
    to keep having sex with her until the icon goes
    solid red, at which point the male just came.
   After this happens switch positions for the cum
    to drip out of the girl.

  Making her happy - Get her ready to cum then make
    the man cum. If you let just one of them cum then
    she will become unhappy.

  Cumshots - Can be done in certain positions. If the
    man is about to come stop and try to switch posi-
    tions. If there's 2 blocks of text you can do it
    if only one you can't in that position.

  Blowjobs and Girl on top - After being with the girl
    for a long time she'll begin to ask you questions
    during sex in the form of a "?". Left-click is
    Yes right is No. These "?" questions engage any-
    thing from Teasing, Blowjobs, Cumming, Sex, etc.
   Blowjobs have 2 possible cumshots, in mouth and
    on face. Continue saying "No" to her question in
    blowjob position to continue blowjob. Saying yes
    with it in mouth or in hand will cum.
   Girl on Top has cum inside or cumshot.

Unlocking Things

  After being with one girl for so long you will
    start to unlock new costumes and abilities.
  After unlocking Blowjob, doing cumshot in her
    mouth at first seems like she doesn't like it
    but continue to do it and she will crave it.
  Costumes seem to happen on a daily (in game)
    basis, could be wrong though.


   Go behind your house through a small path to enter the forest.

   Go behind the forest to enter a pond.

   Go into a path leading to a room in the pond area will take
   you to the computer lab.

   Go behind the waterfall in the forest for the dungeon.

   Go behind the dungeon for a flower garden with a cliff
   and a gravestone.

   Go down the waterfall from the garden will take you straight
   to the pond where the computer lab and path to the forest is.

   Go through the path of the forest will lead you to the hot

   Go through another path upwards where the hot springs is
   will lead you to the school.
Размер2.18 GB (2,341,550,621 байт)
Скачать Artifical Girl 2 Mega Package
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие Artifical Girl 2 Mega Package
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