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Bi-Back Mountain
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Bi-Back Mountain


War is hell for Ian and Jake in Iraq until a moment of passion takes them away from it all for just one night. The fling is short lived though because Ian is scheduled to ship out and is going home to marry his fianca?s Shy Love. A year later when a postcard arrives from Jake the two military men have a reunion that change them forever.
When Jake arrives at Ian and his wife's ranch he's brought along TJ Heart, a city girl who realizes there is more to the guys friendship than they are letting on. After catching up over a few drinks TJ dares Ian and Shy to kiss because she thinks they are such a hot couple. Soon both couples shed their inhibitions and Jake and TJ have sex across the room from Ian and Shy who are going at it too.

The next day TJ and Shy talk about the night and Shy admits that it was some of the best sex she ever had. TJ explains to Shy that it's all about broadening her horizons... and decides to show her how one woman can take care of another in a steamy girls only romp on the porch.

The two couples head out for a night at the local saloon where playful flirting gets out of hand and Ian gets a little jealous with all the attention his wife is getting. Feeling more and more liberated Shy wants to stay and have some fun. Before long a bisexual orgy erupts where the couples are joined by bartender Kelly Wells and a bunch of horny Marines, played by Keith, Brian Austin, Sledge Sawyer and Brad Star, who are also partying in the bar. The three girls and six guys in the saloon go at it with one another in every combination imaginable before the guys gather around for a circle jerk on Jake.

After seeing Jake with the other men Ian get's jealous and drags him out of the bar. The two end up in a barn where their true feelings come out and the men get caught up in the heat of the moment that leads to a night of passionate man on man sex.

Dean Campbell
Tommy Blade
Shy Love
TJ Hart
Brian Austin
Sledge Sawyer
Brad Star
Kelly Wells
Размер669.63 MB (702,154,983 байт)
Скачать Bi-Back Mountain
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