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КатегорияЖёсткое / Creampies
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CFNM Secret full colection
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CFNM Secret full colection


India Summer, Alana Evans, Ahryan Ashtyn - At your service
Sat December 06, 2008

This week, Ive decided to hire myself a new servant, and invited my friends India and Ahryan over to show him off. As my friends get anxious to meet my hired help, I surprise them by telling them about his bow tie only requirement. When the girls excitement peeks, I summon him over for a little meet and greet. India and Ahryan pry over who gets to try him out first, but I make my ownership over him known. Even though he is mine, I let the girls get a taste of his sweeet dick. Wow, Ahryanas deepthroat is incredible, but my tight pussy will be the only one who gets to feel his cock this time ladies. Enjoy...

Darryl - Sexy costumes
Thu October 30, 2008

Aint no party like a CFNM party...Middle of the club Darryl just picked out a dude from the crowd and made him their personal object. But it doesnt stop there at this Halloween bash. One cock was not enough for the girls. They quickly found a second cock for Darryl to play with. Quickly they were the life of the party...everyone was shocked at their behavior but couldnt help but stare.

Devon Lee - A Little Revealing
Added: January 07, 2009

Jordan and Jimmy came home trashed. It is a miracle they made it home in one piece. Jordan drove, but was in no position to drive himself home. Jimmy said it was cool for him to spend the nite in his guest room. Some drunk directions down the hall and Jordan was left to himself. Jimmy crashed in his bedroom. Jordan unkowingly ended up in Jimmys moms room. Devon was reading in bed when Jordan stumbled in. After finding out the boys were drinking, Devon was furious. She decided to teach Jordan a lesson and have him strip his clothes off and learn how to follow some rules. She sucked on his cock as he was worried that Jimmy would wake up. That soon passed as Devon made him lick not only her pussy but her ass too. That led to some steamy sex action. Her huge natural boobs and big round bubble butt ass were amazing to watch get fucked. Jordan sure learned his lesson. Never ask questions and do as you are told. Enjoy.

India Summer - Rescue me
Fri December 26, 2008

What an evening.We received a call of a drunk man in the loca park.So as the job required we had to check out the situation.When we get there he was laid out so we put him on the stretcher.So we took him in to check him out and see if he was fine and we see that this guy has an amazing body.So me and my colleague decided we would do further examinations on him.You know to see if he was ok.So we took off and clothes and gave him the see if your cock still works treatment.When this guy woke up he didnt know what was happening so we had to do a little convincing.Its not everyday you get a patient that looks this good.We had to take advantage of this rare occurance.Just so happened he was back to normal.So we politely fixed him up and threw him out!

Sienna - Two For One
Added: February 17, 2009

Sienna and Francesca are having a girls night playing some poker but need some more action. Her husbands friend comes by and and the game is on. Once he is inside the house they get him naked. Watch as they have their way with him while sucking him dry.

Sienna West - The pick up
Sat December 20, 2008

Today my friend Sophia and I decided to pick up a random college student, since I live near a campus. Ten minutes later I spotted a cute young white male who happened to need a ride. We took a detour and ended up at my house where we tested his durability. I sucked on his dick while Sophia sat on his face. It is so amazing how woman could make a man do anything, from getting suffocated with pussy on his face and being spanked all at the same time.. This was an incredible experiment.. Enjoy.

Sienna West - Spice Of Life
Added: February 28, 2009

Francesca has invited Sienna and Hunter over for a little surprise. She plans to explore the amazing glory hole with the girls. Shes found a willing stud to plop his giant cock through the table glory hole for the girls to play with. Watch these girls get down and dirty with their boy toy.

Sophia Lomeli - Peek A Boo
Added: January 10, 2009

Sophia and India were hanging out and chatting about Sophias divorce. She recently took in a roommate, Jordan. Sophia told her how she caught him naked one morning and she liked what she saw. India persuaded Sophia to let her check him out while he was in bed asleep. They crept into his bedroom and slowly pulled off his covers and began playing with his cock. They could not resist and Sophia stuffed his cock in her mouth. India was salivating while watching Sophia suck that dick, so she had a taste as well. Sophia sat on his face while India slobbered all over that cock. Then, Sophia got rammed from behind while India watched and played with her pussy. Then, they took turns riding that cock. Finally, he creamed all over their faces. He does not have to worry about rent any more.

Victoria Valentino - Such a tease
Sat January 24, 2009

We were looking for the perfect house all day and fortunate for us we found it. Besides all the wonderful amenities we really liked the real estate agent. We just had to find out if he had a big cock so we told him that if he wanted the sale he had to obey our every command. It took some convincing but we got him to comply. In a matter of minutes we were sucking and fucking a nice big cock in our new home.

Hunter Bryce - Booty polish
Sat 31 January, 2009

Hunter and India just missed their nail appointment. A mere 15 minutes. Dominic was the only one left at the salon when they rushed in. He was still going to school to be a beautician. So after failing to call back the staff, the girls decided to use Dominic. If not, they would tell the owner of the salon. I mean when you come this often you get the preferential treatment. After a miserable attempt, Dominic was taken to the massage table where India and Hunter had their way with him. Forcing him to eat their pussies and not do anything as they took turns sucking his dick, these girls were sure having their way with him. He was lucky enough to have to fuck both of them. I love it when women are in control. I know you would too if you were approached by these beauties. Enjoy.

Victoria Valentino - Clean cut
Sat November 29, 2008

Kris was looking to get a hair cut. He walked into this salon and asked to get a cut.
Victoria was finishing up with a client and asked Kris to have a seat. He must have been
really horny because he started to fondle his package while waiting. Once he got into the
chair, the small talk started. Victoria noticed that Kris was not paying to much attention
and saw a jerking action coming from underneath the robe. She pulls it off to reveal him
jerking off. Crazy. The girls come over and strip him bare. They do not let him go but
instead decide to use him for their pleasure. After swapping turns sucking his dick,
Victoria decides to fuck him til she cums. Nevermind how he felt. He was lucky they did
not call the police. Awesome shoot. A must see. Enjoy.

Размер8.93 GB (9,588,904,399 байт)
Скачать CFNM Secret full colection
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие CFNM Secret full colection
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button_offline Отзыв от dargo14
avatar 318137

Супер-пупер здорово! :w00t:

button_offline Отзыв от mazzoni
avatar 237000

спасибо за кино!

button_offline Отзыв от KOPOJIb
avatar 454517


button_offline Отзыв от Stefan83
avatar 384582

ну и размерчик  
нo  стoит :-D

button_offline Отзыв от Stomp
avatar 510814

молодец автор :-D :-D :-D

button_offline Отзыв от Stefan83
avatar 384582

Парний как  вижу вам понравилось видео но мне кажется или это так???? что чем интресен филм тем болше из вас забывают нажть спасибо???? :-( :-/ :sneaky:

button_offline Отзыв от Mak7
avatar 331407

Класс! Пак суперский, девченки-просто шикарные, СПАСИБО!
достойный вклад в мою коллекцию!


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