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Claudia Rossi (Private Sports 7 Snow Angels)



Rossi began appearing in adult movies in 2003, aged 20, going on to appear in over 200 films in her career.She was an exclusive contract performer for the European production company, Moiré Candy.In her free time she likes horseback riding, going to the gym and reading.
Rossi writes in her own personal blog about her life and loves, which include her dog and going horse riding on her own horse with her friend and fellow porn star, Barbara. In September 2008, she confirmed on her MySpace page to be dating British Jay Snake, also in the industry.

Claudia Rossi's Interests
Music all music from Cuba, Juanes, Metalica (black album), Linkin Park, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Madona
Movies The Lost City, Constantin, Sophias choice, Lolita, City of Angels and more
Books Sophias choice, Lolita (Nabokov),War and Peace (Tolstoj),Hell (Dante Alighieri), Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas), all form E.M. Remarque, Oscard Wilde
Heroes Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, my boyfriend Jay

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Скачать Claudia Rossi (Private Sports 7 Snow Angels)


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