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Скачать Kat [BiohazardBitches]
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КатегорияАнал / Жёсткое / Азиатки
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Постер фильма Kat [BiohazardBitches]
Kat [BiohazardBitches]
Фото фильма Kat [BiohazardBitches]
Kat [BiohazardBitches]


В ролях: Kat
Продолжительность: 20:07
This week we brought back Kat and her terrific tiny titties. When we first met Kat she was begging for change on the street corner so she could buy herself a happy meal, now she’s sucking cock and getting sodomized so she can buy designer jeans and over priced purses to hold some make up and the money she no longer has. One thing’s for certain with her cock gobbling and gagging skills she’ll never go hungry again. Kat is an adorable little slut, and so much fun to toss around. I don’t think this light weight weighs more than 90 lbs. She might look young and innocent at first but she’s as nasty as they come, taking it in the pooper then sucking her ass juice off Brian’s man meat. Kat should do quite well fucking for money, I just hope she plays the young look for as long as she can before she gets all cracked out and gets big ugly bolt-ons. I love fake titties but a whore has to have the body to rock a set of big flappy fun bags, Kat would look like a complete ass clown if she got her rack done. Just like Kat and all the other pigs we shoot why worry or plan for later when all that matters is right now, so let’s not stress over her getting a tit job down the road and focus on her getting sodomized, skull fucked and splattered with cock cream by our man Brian.



Информация о файле:
Video: Windows Media Video 9 720x480 25.00fps 3584Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps
Размер480.11 MB (503,436,650 байт)
Скачать Kat [BiohazardBitches]
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие Kat [BiohazardBitches]


button_offline Отзыв от лео11
avatar 410205

Партнер у неё - персонаж из ужастика! ;-)А так нормалек! :-D


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