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Скачать My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи [2008]
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Постер фильма My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи [2008]
My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи [2008]
Фото фильма My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи [2008]
My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи [2008]


Оригинальное название: My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи  

Киностудия: Evil Angel

Год выхода: 2008

Жанр: All Sex

В ролях: Adriana,Angelina Crow,Bonny Bon,Britney,Carol,Clara G Eve Angel, Ginger, Nikky Rider, Peaches, Regina Moon, Zafira

Описание: Displaying flawless title integrity, Raul Christian gives us 6 scenes each of which feature 2 girls or more in lesbian lust. In a breakthrough DVD for veteran performer Clara G, Clara takes on the role of Director in at least 2 scenes, and takes a leading role in the action in the remaining scenes where she performs, continuing an Evil Empire tradition of such female talent as Bionca and Belladonna playing leading roles on both sides of the camera. In Scene 1, we have 2 girls, with anal toy play. In Scene 2, 2 girls and one guy with hard core anal in the best Raul tradition. In Scene 3, Clara fucks two new girls - Britney and Angelina Crow - who have made recent debuts. Scene 4 is the stand out because both girls could be glamour models. Scene 5 is notable as a kind of Behind the Scenes, how to for Budapest porn, as is Scene 6, which features 3 girls from shopping for great tease clothing to taking it off and doing anal in every combo possible. Raul Cristian's work has been characterized by flawless title integrity (Tamed Teens, Ass traffic, Sperm Swap, Prime cups), and this new title, My Evil Sluts, suggests a disciplined, always hot, lesbian line with the rare phenomenon of one of the Sluts becoming a Director!

Продолжительность: 2:47 минуты

Язык: англиский

Формат: DVDrip

Video: 592x320  px ;

Audio: 48000 Гц, Стерео, 129 Кбит/сек
Размер1.36 GB (1,464,963,072 байт)
Скачать My Evil Sluts / Мои злые шлюхи [2008]
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button_offline Отзыв от valeramd
avatar 753

Ребята огромная просьба не уходить с раздачи!!!!!!!!!!!!

И буду краине благодарен за кнопочку СПАСИБО :) !!!

button_offline Отзыв от DedMazai
avatar 7488


button_offline Отзыв от inka
avatar 197530


avatar 197494

Нормальный фильм

button_offline Отзыв от burakov
avatar 37625

Отличный автору СПАСИБО

button_offline Отзыв от ostin
avatar 381534

Спасибо  :-D


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