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Pretty Peaches


Alex deRenzy's classic bawdy tale (apparently shot at Alex's home in a suburb of San Francisco), starring the uber-boobed starlet of 1978; Desiree Cousteau...

Desiree Cousteau plays her typical dumb, buxom lass, journeying through a world of perverts. In the process she is raped while lying unconscious after an accident, receives an enema, is raped once again by a load of people using all sorts of oblong objects (fleshy or not) to violate her and finally ends up in quite a sizeable orgy.

After an argument with her father (John Leslie), Desiree crashes her car and sustains amnesia, in her quest to regain her memory she meets some very strange individuals....in many ways this film mirrors the standard *ingénue* plot used in "The Erotic Adventures of Candy" and "Too Naughty To Say No", although this is a far hotter film than either of those (albeit decent) ones though.
A classy film where the sex flows from the plot rather than the other way round. Golden age plot haters should try a bit of deRenzy; the comedy plot in no way detracts from the (numerous) sex scenes. Comparable to a hard core Russ Meyer, deRenzy is a master of filming erotic heat. Couples should beware that there are some non-consensual scenes, although because these flow from the plot they are difficult to take seriously, and hence only add to the comedic nature of the film (yes, including the enema scene!).
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А где скрины,нафига обложка нужна?

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Извините За Неудобство . Я От*ахю Своего Провайдера ...

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это анимация или художественное ?


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