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The mythically beautiful Jessica Drake is haunted by a fantasy. She dreams she is Psyche, a dazzling mortal who falls in love with the spirit of Eros, the immortal Cupid, played by Evan Stone. But tragedy strikes as Psyche breaks her promise to the gods never to set eyes upon the face of her otherworldly lover. That one brief glance and act of mistrust forever seals their destinies as star-crossed lovers.

Award-winning director Michael Raven brings his sophisticated eye to this retelling of the classic myth and produces a film that will leave you gasping. Sin City contract goddesses Jessica Drake, Monique Alexander and Jassie (who in a clever plot twist plays the dream Psyche whose nights are spent with the hunky stud between her spread legs) lead a cast of some of adult’s most dazzling girls to provide enough celestial excitement to light the heavens forever and ever. Quiver will leave you quivering for more.

We improved our transfers from DVD5 to 9, included a lot of special features like behind the scenes coverage and an interview with the director, and have a vastly improved menu page which allows you to watch the feature in its entirety or just the sex scenes, grouped by act: blowjobs, pussy licking, fucking, facials. We think you'll enjoy the enhanced viewing pleasure

Studio: Sin City
Duration: 1 h 44 min
Produced in 2001
Director: Michael Raven
Starring: Jessica Drake, Evan Stone
Featuring: April, Aurora Snow, Jassie, Monique Alexander, Olivia Saint, Dillon, Jay Ashley, Steven St. Croix

Размер700.04 MB (734,044,160 байт)
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ух да там страх какойто )))) :-D

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