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Скачать Raging Stallion 2007 - Mirage
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Raging Stallion 2007 - Mirage
Фото фильма Raging Stallion 2007 - Mirage
Raging Stallion 2007 - Mirage


It's no mirage, this Chris Ward masterwork is dazzlingly erotic, a peerless Egyptian-themed epic. Featuring an astonishing cast of gorgeous men, "Mirage" is an expertly directed tomb-raiding and ass-raiding wonder. Mr. Ward, with well over 100 films to his credit, raises his own high bar of excellence to produce what I believe is the best film of his career and one of the best of 2007.

We begin with the tomb-raiders -- Steve Cruz, Huessein, Max Schutler, Mark LaSalle, Rambo, Tommy Blade, Dominic Pacifico and Justin Christopher -- looting an Egyptian crypt in search of a golden ushabti (a small figurine of ancient Egypt included in the grave goods of the dead). The search of the treasure chamber, a beautifully designed and lighted set with authentic-looking wallcoverings and artwork, quickly leads to success, the statue is located! Unconcerned about whether they might be caught illegally trespassing -- they go after the statue in Huessein's hands and the statue jutting out from his hairy muscular frame. Huessein, standing on a dais, is groped and pursued by his colleagues, Tommy Blade sucking Huessein vigorously initially, but the guys soon falling into pairs and various groupings to suck face and dick aplenty. The scene that ensues is remarkably sensual yet urgent, all of the men working equally hard to get each other off. They end with big cum-shots all around. Steve spurts out a huge glob to start and Marc has a messy splash to finish.

Justin Christopher and Max Schutler pair off in the next scene. Wearing diaphanous pants, they kiss and caress each other's smooth bodies, Justin fingering Max's spectacular butthole, spreading open the hole for the camera and his inspection. Max then kneels to suck Justin's huge brown log, deep-throating as best he can (it's an amazingly large cock), Justin's dick becoming harder and bigger with each gulp from Max, the hardest-working cocksucker in Egypt. Justin then gives Max a good missionary fucking, his gigantic tool nearly splitting pretty-boy Max in two every time he thrusts into his hole. The best position comes next, Max slamming his ass up and down on Justin's pole, the camera showing Max's tight hole hugging the dong as it invades and retreats in and out of his asshole -- sweat, lube and sphincter gleaming under the hot lights. Max reverses, torso to camera, back to Justin, and he just keeps pumping his ass up and down on that big dick, Max's own uncut dong hard as a rock as he fucks his ass with Justin's dick. Max cums, then Justin, to end one helluva fucking.

Rambo, Marc LaSalle and Tommy Blade are already in the throes of a sexy three-way as we join them, the men kissing and touching. Tommy and Marc take turns slurping on Rambo's rod, a delicious-looking dark brown dong. Tommy is a deep-throating fool, downing the cock with tonsil-tickling gulps with every suck, his spit making the cock shine and harden. Marc has another go, no less of a deep-throater than Tommy, slurping and sucking in a slower, more sensual manner. Two different styles, from two master cocksmen. They then take a turn at sharing, one on the head, the other licking the shaft -- team work! Then Marc does a bit of tit-licking (Rambo's are big and puffy) as Tommy does a bit of ass-licking, massaging and sucking Marc's winking booty-hole, Rambo slapping and spreading open the cakes to assist Tommy in his ass-eating, Marc moaning words of approval and encouragement. Rambo then slams a butt-shaking fuck into Marc as Tommy sucks Marc below, then Tommy feeds Marc's ass cock below as Rambo feeds his mouth cock above. Tommy fucks the cum out of Marc, then dumps his load as Rambo pops last.

Max Schutler returns with Dominic Pacifico, a bearded cutie with mad cocksucking skills. Dominic is quite the hottie and gorges on Max's slender and super-hard uncut dick. Max's erection looks mouthwatering, the foreskin fitting tightly around the cockhead. Max is as energetic a top here as he was a bottom in his earlier scene with Justin: he fucks Dominic relentlessly in the missionary and standing doggy positions. And, as Max fucks him, Dominic's thick meat and low-hanging nuts swing and swell in time with Max's hearty thrusts.
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Скачать Raging Stallion 2007 - Mirage
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие Raging Stallion 2007 - Mirage
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блин, находятся же пи*а*асы, которые это качают..... я против таких торрентов!!!

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ОТЛИЧНОЕ ПОРНО. ЛЮБЛЮ ТАКОЕ, Если есть чтото ещё в таком же духе, то сообщи мне. СПС


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