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Soleerotica 4


Информация о фильме
Год выхода: 2004

О фильме:
In the world of Adult, most girl/girl scenes go fairly quickly. They don't have any "wood" problems to deal with, so they just get right to the good stuff. On a Michael Ninn set, however, the girl/girl scenes go more slowly than the boy/girl scenes. Michael allows his starlets to play, to pose, to preen. The ladies get to the girl/girl stuff all right, but they allow the camera to catch them in the process of being beautiful, sexual, women first. One of these processes is the solo scene. Before joining together, each girl pleasures herself -- and Ninn is there, filming each sensual moment. Some may say that action remains the same; only the faces change, but in the Soloerotica series every girl brings her own style, her own desire, her own sensibilities, to her solo scene. Watch as twenty seperate women perform the same sexual act differently and beautifully.

Формат: WMV
Качество: DVDRip
Видео: 320x240, 450Kbps
Звук: 16Kbps
Продолжительность: 02:00:12
Размер782.19 MB (820,184,472 байт)
Скачать Soleerotica 4
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