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Trouser Trout
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Trouser Trout


Disc two starts with a trip to the water for a few hours of fishing. As the boys try to catch fish, Luke is back in the grass trying to catch glimpses of these hot men.

After a long day of fishing, nothing is better than a campfire. Dominic, Antonio and R.J. are drinking beer and listening to the crickets as they watch the fire. Antonio has fucking on his mind and Dominic quickly goes down on Antonio's huge rod. As Dominic swallows, R.J. decides to entertain himself and he whips out his dick, watching as Dominic struggles with Antonio's monster. Dominic is an expert and takes almost all of the massive thing. As R.J. watches and strokes, Dominic wets the entire length of Antonio's dick, forcing as much as he can get down his throat. When Antonio sits, Dominic's ass becomes the new focus of his attention. He wets his fingers and plays with Dominic's butt as R.J. undresses. Dominic pushes a condom down on Antonio's cock and sits on it, taking the huge dong all the way up his hole.
Dominic rides like a pro, pumping his tight butt up and down the huge pole. R.J. is jealous and finds a dildo in his tackle box to slip into his own hairy asshole. Antonio picks Dominic up and places him on his back with his butt up in the air so he can penetrate him deep. The fucking here is incredible. The huge rod pushes in and out of Dominic as both men watch R.J. fuck himself with his toy. R.J. blows his load on Dominic's face and licks it up. Antonio shoves his dick in the eager mouth as Dominic covers his stomach in cum. Finally it's Antonio's turn and he blows his load onto Dominic's anxious mouth.
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Гыыыы,а мне так на них наплевать :D
ставлю и я спасибо чтоб очки мне добавились,а так пох на тех кто их качает и их смотрит!!!


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