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Скачать Ultimate Linsey / Супер Линси
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Ultimate Linsey / Супер Линси
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Ultimate Linsey / Супер Линси


This beautiful brunette first shot to fame in the United Kingdom as a newpaper pin-up girl when she was just a teenager. This is Linsey's first, long-awaited XXX scene.

This film comprises three scenes, the middle one being hardcore. Each scene is introduced by Linsey. All three scenes have the ubiquitous crap music, but the hardcore one also features the original sound so we also get to hear her talking and moaning.

Scene 1: Solo masturbation. 23 mins. Linsey lies on a bed and quickly strips out of her black top and trousers, plays with her boobs and pussy (with finger insertion) before using a dildo / vibrator.

Scene 2: Hardcore. 23 mins. Starts with Linsey using a vibrator on her own, but she is quickly joined by a chubby young chap with no hair, who Linsey says actually became her husband AFTER the scene was filmed (an admission of sex before marriage that is hardly likely to make the news!). She says a few words to him (which are difficult to hear over the music), then rubs his crotch and whips out his cock (which isn't yet hard!) and sucks it to stiffness. He goes down on her before she rubs his cock between her breasts (neither activity lasting for more than a few seconds). After a quick vibrator insertion she hops on his cock and away we go. We get two short sequences of reasonably good sex in two or three positions, each ending in a cum shot which goes...wait for it...in her mouth! Neither cum shot is very spectacular but after the second (stronger) one, she spits some of the cum onto her breasts and rubs it in.

Scene 3: Solo stripping. 6 mins. Linsey on a bed again in a replica of her wedding dress which comes off slowly.

I think that just about covers it. My opinion is that Linsey looked good, but it was a bit disappointing considering the excitement and hype built up. However, she did go further than I was expecting with the cum shots. If she had been really canny she would have held back from doing an oral cum shot until her second film! As with all hardcore films shot in studios, this looked sterile. It would also have been better if she were paired with a real stud (or two) who could actually give her a hard noisy fucking rather than someone who was doing little more than going through the motions. And a facial cum shot wouldn't be unwelcome either. Mr Dover - where are you when we need you?!
Размер1.27 GB (1,367,318,528 байт)
Скачать Ultimate Linsey / Супер Линси
Видео закрыто попробуйте наити похожие Ultimate Linsey / Супер Линси


avatar 6985

Автору - 100 пудовый репект! видео реально редкое, а баба зачетная! так держать!!!

Последний раз редактировалось в 2008-02-19 05:02:51

avatar 202064

Что за пидары тут спамят ?? Какие в жопу у вас права ??  Сидите в своем клубе любителей пощекотать очко и долбитесь в жопу уроды сраные.

button_offline Отзыв от SlayerF
avatar 249104

большое спасибо :w00t:


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